Top Soil

Regular Topsoil    

Our screened top soil by the yard is rich, high quality soil, ready for planting in.

Premium Topsoil Mix

A silky, dark and nutrient-rich blend of premium topsoil, compost, soil conditioner, pumice, and sand. Light and airy, this product is ideal for grow boxes, green houses, and potted plants.


Humus is dark, organic material that forms in soil when plant and animal matter decays.

When humus is in soil, the soil will crumble. Air and water move easily through the loose soil, and oxygen can reach the roots of plants.

Humus can be produced naturally or through a process called composting. When people compost, they collect decaying organic material, such as food and garden scraps, that will be turned into soil.

Unscreened Fill Dirt

Dirt that comes straight out of the ground! It can have rocks, roots, and debris in it. Ideal for use as a fill material.


Top Soil
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