From big boulders to small stones, Savarino Brothers in Cleveland Ohio serves the northeast Ohio communities with extensive landscape knowledge. Not sure what type of gravel you need to complete your next landscaping project? Give Savarino Brothers a call, or stop into our store to peruse our selection of rock, gravel and sand options.

#57 Washed Gravel

57-washed-gravelMainly gray in color with some flecks of blue. Average size is about is between nickels and quarters. Ideal for driveways as a topcoat, Washed Gravel provides good drainage properties and stays relatively clean; keeping dirt and dust off your shoes and out of the house.

#57 Limestone

57-limestoneThis Limestone is excellent to use under concrete and pavers, as a top coat to gravel driveways, or as the foundation to small garden walls. #57 Limestone is also useful around foundations, posts, and poles and also used for backfill. #57 Limestone Gravel is angular with ¾” to 1” in size. The color is tan to grey.

8 Washed Gravel

8-washed-gravelApproximately 3/8 inches in size and round. #8 Washed Gravel is brown and tan in color and can be used for drainage, as well as provide curb appeal to your homes landscaping.

Limestone Screenings

limestone-screeningsLimestone screening is used as an underlay for patio and interlocking stone. Limestone Screening creates a hard surface that sheds water and inhibits the growth of weeds. It is usually used in place of sand to stabilize your newly created patio.
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