Sweer Peet LogoThere are many benefits to adding Mulch to one’s garden landscape. Be it hardwood, cypress, cedar or dyed mulch does not matter. Mulch provides the garden landscape a finished, attractive look while adding important nutrients to the soil in addition, using mulch within your garden beds and/or landscaping keeps your soil temperature down, therefore reducing the amount of water needed for your shrubs, annuals, and perennials.

Weeds in a garden landscape are unsightly, not to mention labor intensive to remove. Mulch can be used as a preventative, and some mulch is said to help control insects.

At Savarino Brothers we carry only the finest grade in mulch landscape supply. Not sure which is right for you? Feel free to call and ask us, or stop by our location in Oakwood Village Ohio conveniently situated to service Twinsburg, Aurora, Hudson, Macedonia, Solon and other surrounding northeast Ohio suburbs.

Hardwood Mulch

mulch_hardwoodHardwood Mulch is rich, dark brown mulch that helps to control moisture and weeds within your garden bed. Composed of a premium grade, finely shredded blend of oak, ash, maple and other naturally aged hardwoods, Hardwood Mulch is a multi-purpose mulch suitable for both evergreens and deciduous plants.

Cypress Mulch

mulch_cypressLight in color with reddish hues, Cypress Mulch offers a softer, more shredded appearance than regular hardwood mulch. The lightness in color benefits plants because it will not retain as much heat like other hardwood mulches. The matting properties of cypress mulch also contribute to soil control to prevent erosion. Its oils are said to repel insects, however, termites may become an issue. Use Cypress Mulch in outdoor landscaping beds that are further away from the home, or in commercial landscaping. Cypress Mulch is also great for garden landscapes with inclines or slopes.

Dyed Mulch

mulch_dyedAlso known as colored mulch can run a little more money than other types of mulch, but offers a wonderful way to add dimension and curb appeal to your landscaping. Dyed Mulch provides many of the same benefits as regular mulch. It is safe for pets and children, protects soil temperature, and can be used as a weed preventative. Colored Mulch offers a little more life value whereas the color mulch retains its color for one to two seasons. Call Savarino Brother Landscape Supply and Garden Center to find the right Dyed Mulch color selection.

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